12 Best Technology WooCommerce Templates



Nowadays, starting selling products online happens much quicker than you think. If you decide to get yourself involved in dropshipping, you do not even need to own products. Heck, you do not even need to deal with orders and shipments. When your main objective is to sell technology goods on the internet, you can now establish a website with Yoome. It is a WooCommerce template with many modern homepage designs and a set of useful internal layouts.

Of course, Yoome offers you all the obligatory material for the smooth execution of a striking online presence. You need nothing else as this tool comes with loads of stuff for you to benefit from. Some of the features that Yoome has for you are Ajax search, brand filter, infinite scroll, WPBakery, and quick shop. Create the best online resource for gadgets and other tech goods with Yoome today.




Orienko is one of those templates that won’t feel like it has been bought from a template marketplace, and perhaps that could end up being a pivotal aspect of your success in an industry such as electronics. If you are selling high-end products like digital cameras and expensive laptop computers, you want to ensure that you’re catering to an audience that can obviously afford to spend that much money on items. One of the ways you can do that is by having a clean design space that effortlessly conveys your product catalog to the customer.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of them all with the Orienko template is the page builder, giving you the opportunity to create your own custom pages in the case that you can’t find something that you like right from the beginning. We do enjoy the header design, the mega menus are thoughtfully designed to include all categories and subcategories, but also leave space to highlight your blog, pages, portfolio, and business pages. The design of the shopping cart is kept simple, with a painless checkout process that will inspire your customers to finalize sales quickly.




Flaton relies on a powerful back-end with Bootstrap integration, and the addition of groundbreaking HTML5 and CSS3 technology that enables a website to run smoothly across modern browsing devices. With this template, it is especially suitable for electronics stores that plan to sell mobile phones, computers, tech accessories, and general digital items. With thoughtful use of color palette and plenty of white space to back it up, the Flaton template feels authentic, modern, and ready to onboard your new customers at the earliest convenience.

Special plugins like ‘Daily Offers’ let you run daily discounts for specific products, and highlight them on your homepage so that customers can learn more about ways they can save money by shopping with you. The menu has its own animation effect, yet still supports mega-menu functionality. The checklist of features behind Flaton is humongous, to say the least; some of our favorites are multi-lingual support, icon fonts for a better visual experience, mobile-optimized content sliders, custom filters for products, tabbed content widgets, custom banners, and optimized product pages.




CyberWire is a technology WooCommerce template, ideal for selling electronic devices and gadgets. It is powered by WooCommerce and WPBakery page builder, making sure the process of establishing your ideal eCommerce website happens without a hassle. By the way, CyberWire even has a striking collection of seventeen homepage demos. Indeed, there is something for everyone. CyberWire also supports the creation of the exact header and footer you want, but you can stick with the predefined variations, too.

Other shop features include sales and coupons, orders and reporting, payment gateways, wishlist, multiple vendors, and handy sorting and filtering functions. CyberWire is the only tool you need to start your business and manage and maintain it with ease. Having past experience is also not necessary as there will be zero coding required to build the perfect outcome with CyberWire.




If you would like to create a strong first impression on all your store visitors, pick Casano and make a difference. This technology WooCommerce template is a dope solution to start selling items online. There are also various creative and unique demos at your disposal, all ready to use out of the box. On the other hand, all sample material is also ready for customization tweaks, making them follow your branding regulations to a T. But do keep things quick and straightforward and put Casano into play as is.

Casano contains pagination, infinite scroll, 360-degree product view, background options, instant search, unlimited filters, product pinning and loads more. Your imagination is the only real barrier you have with Casano. Other than that, approach it open-mindedly and establish a banging online technology store.




Androlin is a multi-purpose WooCommerce template that is perfect for selling technology goods, too. There are four samples to choose from, all catering to any business and industry out of the box. Androlin is very versatile and adaptive, meaning, you can use it for marketing all and every product you want online. But it’s electronics and gadgets that we focus on today so we will stick with that.

First and foremost, Androlin guarantees a 100% codeless web development process. For everyone new to space, you will also find video tutorials, documentation, and access to a team of experts. Surely, you will never feel lonely with Androlin!

Androlin also follows all the latest trends, like responsiveness, browser compatibility, super fast loading speed, and search engine optimization. You do not need to worry about technicalities, not even the slightest.

Extra store-related features include a drop-down shopping cart, mobile menu, newsletter, testimonials, brand logo slider, infinite product load, and product quick view. You have it all at the tip of your fingers so take charge now and craft an eCommerce website that will impress and amaze.


SNS Nova


SNS Nova has a very unique design, as you will see for yourself, the emphasis is put towards making product navigation as accessible as possible. So with that in mind, the Nova WooCommerce template could best be used for stores that sell things like digital cameras, laptops, or smartphones, solely because it would make the differentiation process easy for the customer. Either way, as the business manager you get many of the famous WooCommerce tools to help you organize and align your products in a way that reflects your brand the best.

The powerful features and real-time customization options are what have attracted thousands of people to the SNS Nova template. Not only on WordPress and WooCommerce but across many other popular and trending eCommerce store platforms on the market.




Electro is clearly a department store WooCommerce template, with the name suggesting that this is clearly intended to be used by electronics-focused business owners, and there are many reasons as to why, not just the name of this robust and smooth WooCommerce template. Based on concise research about the features and tools that famous eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and Flipkart are using to retain their customers. Wouldn’t you want to have those same features, and even better, in your own eCommerce store, given the fact that they’ve already been proven to work and generate revenue? Well, with the Electro template, you can!

Amongst those you have things like a vendor-based platform, so any brand can come and sell items on your marketplace, and you can enable affiliate marketing features to allow customers to generate revenue based on their personal referrals to your product pages. And that’s just the native function of Electro, the design itself is as modern as you’d expect it to be. We love that Electro developers considered things like special offers and product discounts, it’s the small little things like that, which make the biggest difference.




You’d think for a template that’s called Woodstock, the items being sold would be related to woodworking, but clearly not! The Woodstock template is an excellent choice for electronics stores, both those that focus on single products and also those that have a bit larger of a catalog of products. We think that you will be easily impressed with a precise design of product category pages; it could be the best design we’ve seen for any product category pages throughout this roundup. We are going to assume that that’s one of the many reasons why Woodstock has nearly 1,000 customers already. How about that?

Woodstock’s capabilities in terms of serving a modern audience of shoppers are clearly defined, the mobile-friendly design is there and it provides a flawless shopping experience for mobile users, likewise, you have customized product pages where you can quickly integrate video presentations of your products for a much higher product engagement rate, and the checkout page feels smooth, with a classy design that doesn’t take half a day for the customer to complete.




MediaCenter was first released in late 2014 (!!) and has since gathered nearly 2,000 sales. Not to worry though, the last official few weeks ago — so these guys know what they’re doing, and they’re keeping this template frequently updated to reflect the latest design trends and standards. MediaCenter offers its users a modern fusion of an eCommerce design, one that resembles many of the famous eCommerce stores that we’re all so well aware of today, but certainly doesn’t fail to add a touch of originality where necessary.

In order to maximize your earnings potential, performance for your website is everything, and MediaCenter benchmarks with popular speed testing sites indicate that this template is ready for heavy traffic, despite the circumstances. The performance optimization has not stopped MediaCenter developers from including potent features that an eCommerce business could benefit from, such as a live product search, or tabbed content discovery widgets on the homepage.




Unicase has that unique design, that if not for the fact that you know it’s based on WordPress, you’d never think that it was. And that’s the kind of a particular approach you’d want to have on your eCommerce store, seamless yet functional. The codebase is supported by the Underscores Framework — so any of you WordPress developer enthusiasts can dig into the code and create further alterations of an already beautiful style.

Customers who browse your store can quickly preview product description using a quickview option; the same page can also take them to the full details product page, where you have a lean design; ready to explain your product, and ultimately convert visitors into customers.




Hitstore relies on you to make this template into whatever it is that you wish for it to do. This is possible because of powerful admin dashboard customization panel, where template users such as yourself have the absolute freedom to make Hitstore into anything and everything. The Brilliant design surface secures the Histore upon which you can build and extend.


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