4 eBook WordPress Templates to Keep Website Up

Challenge yourself as a thought-leader? Or maybe you position yourself as an established author? No matter your goal, a fresh & effective website can get your name out to followers. Need ideas? The following eBook WordPress templates could be a great option to get inspired today. These are the best hand-picked WP templates built for education, publishing, or training websites of all kinds. Want to promote your library or spread the word about your language center? Poke around the design concepts below and pick the one that will work for you. To survive in the market in this competitive time, a fresh website that keeps your audience engaged is a must.

Not sure the collection below will work for you? Well, you don’t know until you try it. The good news is that premium WordPress templates are a strongly recommended option that you can get for less. Also, it comes with everything you might need to get creative with your page layouts even with a skill gap. That is one of the key reasons business owners invest in premium designs. The list of benefits they offer can surprise you and what’s more, ease your life. Get your website up and running faster today. The longer you wait, the competitive the market becomes. Pick the option that works for you and make it a crowd-puller.

Scientia | Public Library & Book Store Education WordPress Template


Creating an eBook for your business doesn’t mean that you need to hire a designer. Scientia can help you save a ton of time while building a modern website on your own. It’s a great choice for a public library or bookstore websites. Yet, there’s nothing to stop you from building a literature blog, magazine, or publishing house site. Even better, Scientia can work for all kinds of eCommerce stores that want to sell media products like movies, eBooks, or video games.

Even if that would be your first website, worry not. Scientia comes with WPBakery on its board, so you’ll have a smooth site-building experience. Whether you need to create new page layouts, delete design elements, or adjust colors, do it on a go. Besides, Scientia comes with donation functionality. As a result, you can hold fundraising campaigns online, if you need. To help you manage your custom post types, the TemplateREX Addons plugin would come in handy. To begin, poke around its pre-designed page styles. It’s easy to grow from there until you’re not proud. To add, Scientia is a GDPR compliant option that is built in line with the latest web design standards.


Lorem Ipsum | Books & Media Store WordPress Template


By using Lorem Ipsum, you can whip up a professional-looking design that your audience will want to read. All in all, it earns its place amongst the best eBooks WordPress templates for a good reason. Lorem Ipsum features a modern and clean design that will look awesome on any mobile device. Thus, you can use it to create a site for a modern online library, bookstore bureau, or literature blog. No matter what kind of website you’ll end up with, Lorem Ipsum would be an advantage.

Aside from that, Lorem Ipsum is compatible with the LearnDash plugin. That means you can easily create online courses, lessons, or quizzes to keep your audience engaged. Sure, if you need to tweak your page layouts, WPBakery is here to help. Just take advantage of the powerful drag and drop functionality and have fun. To gain more attention to your best-selling products, place them on your homepage sliders. Besides, Lorem Ipsum supports both the Swiper Slider and Revolution Slider plugins. When it comes to pre-built pages, there are a lot. To add, there’s a bunch of Google fonts available. You can even turn your site into a conversion-optimized landing page using the one site page option.


Daniel Green | Blog for Writers and Journalists With Bookstore WordPress Template


Creating a comprehensive eBook? You can do it using Daniel Green. To start, it’s one of the best-selling eBook WordPress templates you can get today for less. Aside from all the perks it offers, two brand new homepage styles come added, too. So, you’d better not waste time on empty hesitations and give Daniel Green a check. It’s a nice option for writers, journalists, book authors, and professional bloggers who want to be heard online. In fact, a bookstore site is also a possible option.

Thus, you’ll get access to 6 blog styles and menu positioning. To add, if you need to place a burger menu, you have some options. Sure, you’ll want to show off and there’re several pre-made pages to help you with that. Monetizing your website is always a good idea, so take advantage of the WooCommerce package. It’s extremely user-friendly and easily customizable. You can get started in minutes and enjoy a result that is both modern and engaging. The powerful WPBakery makes it easy for you to customize your page layouts. And the best news? HTML code integrated into the template can help keep your site rankings at their highest. Need help? There’s extensive documentation to the rescue.


Bookshelf | Books & Media Online Store WordPress Template


Create a website for your business with Bookshelf and convert leads into paying customers. The list of eBook WordPress templates wouldn’t be complete without it. This powerful option comes ready-made to help you save time. Jam-packed with lots of extras, Bookshelf can help pitch your product. Set your bookstore apart from every other store out there and see conversions to no end. Indeed, Bookshelf can work for a literature blog, book portal, publishing house site, or an online store selling media products.

To help you build an educating platform, Bookshelf supports the LearnDash plugin. So, feel the freedom to create advanced courses, lessons, or quizzes online. Customize your page layouts like a pro and leave no stone unturned. For extra impact, you can use amazing custom hover effects to make your pages worth the visit. Besides, build a community around your brand. Just take advantage of the power of bbPress & BuddyPress plugins to build forums & discussions. Want to win attention globally? A piece of cake. The WPML functionality will help you with that. Responsive and optimized for SEO, your site won’t get washed by competitors. Instead, it will shine as close to the top of the popularity list as possible.


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