5 Best Easy Digital Download WordPress Templates

Grab any of these versatile Easy Digital Downloads templates and expand your online presence over and beyond with your digital products.

Every freelancer, every entrepreneur, and every digital business professional has something to sell. It is really not that hard to comprehend.

If you are a freelance writer, you might have a book to offer. If you’re an entrepreneur, you might launch an online course. Likewise, graphic designers can increase their earnings by cutting out the middle man. You know, instead of relying on third-party websites for sales, you can just create your own portfolio marketplace. With Easy Digital Downloads templates, it is super easy and fast to do.

Easy Digital Downloads is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress that provides a universal solution for selling digital products. Instead of trying to fulfill the needs of everyone, the EDD platform focuses on streamlining the selling process of digital goods. It wouldn’t be possible without its advanced features though.

For example, a unique shopping cart that can accumulate multiple products. An inbuilt coupon system for you to provide special offers to your customers or business partners. It seamlessly works with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

Your customers can check their purchase history, and download files whenever they want. It becomes so much more powerful when you give it a good template. And we have prepared some amazing EDD templates that we know are going to catch your attention.

Easy Digital Download WordPress Templates for all Downloadable Products



Are you contemplating to start a digital marketplace for digital goods? You are going to need a decent template to support your idea. DGWork is a custom WordPress template for digital stores, especially for selling photographs, general digital downloads, and any type of product. The Digital Shop design template bridges a brand identity with clear product outlines. Think of it as a business template with the capacity for you to make money through selling digital downloads. While commonly used to sell stock photos, graphics designs, eBooks, web templates and code scripts, the use of DGWork can be applied to any type of downloadable product.

The biggest seller for the DGWork template seems to be the product page design. Those designs are not just byproducts of an overall homepage layout. They’re also customizable pages with their own identity, ideal for explaining the personality of a product you are selling. You structure them similarly to structuring a landing page for a product outside of digital goods. Each product page can have its custom background photo, with a brief introduction and a video preview. Below the header, you have the option to showcase a pricing table. Sometimes you may want to sell different license types and having pricing tables will help a lot in those situations!

The user account interface has its own design assigned to it. That’s where you and your sellers can manage, like upload and delete their product stock.




Music is without a doubt one of the leading sellers on the web. Think of iTunes and similar music services that sell individual tracks and albums. With the expansive growth of digital devices, buying CDs isn’t as popular as it once used to be. Needless to say, artists are always looking for new platforms on which to create their fanbase and promote music on. Sometimes the big platforms can be a bit too demanding with their fees and taxes.

Artists that have a small community surrounding them are constantly looking for new ways to promote their music to a new audience. The SoundBox WordPress template is perfect for musicians, music labels, but can also be modified to be used for any kind of marketplace platform that sells digital downloads. That’s the beauty of WordPress templates and the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

SoundBox features beautiful mega menu navigation, responsive layout, and free integration of the premium Revolution Slider plugin. Featuring artists is an important part of ensuring that they keep coming back. Because of Visual Composer, you can actually create your own stylish designs. All the components are separated for individual use. Product pages are simple, and you can sell music based on its quality separately. You can use SoundBox to create subscription models as well, the custom pricing tables have a high conversion rate due to their strong presence.




Olam is a multi-purpose WordPress template for digital marketplaces and online stores. Customers of Olam have used this template to create stock photography markets, digital stores for selling plugins and templates, and many other variations of digital products. With a superb documentation file that accompanies the Olam template, you will quickly learn how to bootstrap your own digital store enterprise! Furthermore, Olam is compatible with popular Easy Digital Downloads extensions. That gives you the freedom to create a true community environment around your digital marketplace.

Are you a web designer or a freelance writer? The chances are that you need a website to sell your services from. Fortunately, Olam caters to the services market as well. It actually has a custom demo layout just for that, a services marketplace. Do you know websites like Fiverr? Well, with Olam you have the opportunity to create your own. Although, it is totally up to you. You can just use it to create a unique marketplace for your own services. Defining and specifying the type of design work that you carry out can make it easier for customers to understand whether you are the right person for the job.

With Olam, you get three product listing styles. You can choose to display or hide the pricing of goods. The background color of the navigation menu is yours to customize. A recent update has added support for the Easy Digital Downloads Bookings plugin. Now, you can create your own bookings platform! The navigation menu and the logo at the header have various alignment specifications. Video and audio previews for products are also available.




Stock photography as a market exploded a few years ago. It is our guess that this is due in large part to the immense growth of content publishing on the web. Everyone wants to supplement their content with authentic and unique photographs. Sites like Pixabay provide ample amounts of free stock and vector photography, but they are no match for stock marketplaces. If you are a photographer, or simply wish to dominate the stock photo market, then you have to consider the Stocky template. It is a sturdy Easy Digital Downloads design that was created to be used only on stock photography websites.

You can invite other photographers to come and sell on your website, or, you can sell only your own photos. Using Stocky gives you a separate platform from which you can sell and manage your photo library. The photo pages are designed for this purpose as well. Instead of the sale of a simple size at all times, you can sell multiple photo sizes at individual prices. Bloggers and journalists don’t typically need the original images to add to their articles, and a small resolution might do.

Stocky automatically generates your photo galleries for you. It also has a unique feature that extracts the EXIF information from your photos. Now your customers can see what kind of gear the photo was taken with. And last but not least, Stocky comes with a unique plugin that can extract photo keywords that have been specified using Adobe Lightroom. Those keywords can then be added as WordPress content tags.




Selling digital products is pretty easy these days. After all, you do not need all these special tools and software to make it happen. Instead, you only need Aabbe; all the rest is a piece of cake. This remarkable Easy Digital Downloads WordPress template includes tons of amazing material that will help skyrocket your business.

From six homes and more than twenty internal pages to MailChimp support and fully compatible with multi-vendor marketplace creation, Aabbe is truly an impactful solution. Of course, you will never need to deal with code when working on your online platform with the all-around and flexible Aabbe.


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