9 Best Free Blog Themes For Inspiring Blogs

Instead of doing the work yourself, we hand collected some of the best free blog themes for your creativity to find a home in the online space.

With the available resources, building a blog for your personal or business needs is easier than ever. An online journal is an efficient approach to create your own fan base, grow traffic, and use it entirely for marketing.

While blogging was initially aimed towards individuals, businesses soon understood the power a compelling blog can have for their growth. Nowadays, there is barely any company that does not have a blog section on their website.

Every forward-thinking business with long-term plans has a blog implemented on their page. Executed correctly and you can bring in a ton of targeted traffic for “free.” It will not be entirely free since there are time and effort needed to put together an SEO-friendly article. Not one but quite a bunch.

We could say that a blog is almost a necessity for every business, company, agency and creative individual. Even if you are none of the mentioned, you can still start with free blog themes and write about what you have been up to lately.

Share your thoughts and before you know it, people will start coming to your website to read your irresistible content. You can also write industry news, give an in-depth explanation of your recent project or anything else that comes to your mind.

Why businesses are also benefitting from blogs is because they can get on a more personal level with their clients. And in the comments section, a debate can start where you can answer all of the questions, provide suggestions and even you be the one asking your users about this and that.

Best all-around WordPress blog themes



If you would like to dive into the blogging space, do it in style with Divi. This is a remarkable, easy to use and all-around web design solution for any blogging idea you have. The tool easily caters to your needs and regulations with the very many demo material it comes with. Divi is indeed stuffed with amazingness which you can take to your full advantage without a hassle. You will also find a full-blown page builder integrated for quick edits and improvements. Just drag and drop and alter Divi to your needs precisely.

Doing any work with Divi is way easier than you think. Especially if you are creating a blog for the first time, you will have a lot of fun with the superb Divi. And its support team is also out of this world, friendly and helpful. Realize your idea swiftly and start spreading your compelling stories shortly after.




Whether you would like to start a niche or general blog, let it see the light with Jevelin. This practical site canvas has you sorted out with all the necessities for a quick start of something fresh.

Without the need to have any experience with building pages, you will still create a marvelous one with Jevelin. After all, there are several demos at your disposal, each creative and appealing to the eye. That said, you might even find a sample suit your taste precisely out of the box. In this case, expect a page to live almost instantly.

Jevelin is 100% mobile-friendly, cross-browser compatible and in tune with retina screens. It is also super fast loading, as well as optimized for SEO. The performance and the experience will always be outstandingly amazing with the killer Jevelin.




Stein is an exclusive blog website theme with three wonderful and simple-to-use demos. You can now craft a blog without running into any inconvenience. Knowing that you will never need to code with Stein, you are well aware that making a page is a piece of cake and it sure is so. On top of that, Stein is also compatible with Gutenberg block builder, which will keep you up with modern trends. But you can always go back to the classic editor with a simple plugin.

Some of the goodies of Stein include light and dark modes, Instagram feed, sticky header and sidebar, mega menu, subscription form, and various headers and footers. Whether you would like to create a personal, travel, business, fashion, food or any other type of blog that you can think of, do it as champs do it – with Stein.


Best free blog themes



Readit is a free blog theme with a distinct touch to it. That said, if you are looking for something different, you need to check out Readit. I tell you one thing: you will love it from the very moment you see it! It is bold and impactful, perfect for pushing your compelling content over and beyond. Above the fold, Readit has a full-screen banner with a gradient overlay, title and text. Use this section to grab their attention right from the get-go – and you will!

Other features of the tool include sticky navigation, social media icons, widget-rich footer, Google Maps, and a working contact form. Whether you would like to start a niche or a general blog, with Readit, you can make it happen both, tailoring the appearance to your liking with ease.




If you would like to avoid the traditional blog look and go with something different, Ionize is for you. This free blog theme comes with a stunning design that will deliver your content beautifully to all devices. Speaking of devices, Ionize is 100% mobile-ready, reshaping its frame instantaneously. Additionally, Ionize is in tune with modern web browsers and retina screens. Thanks to the live preview, you can test it all yourself and see how well Ionize performs.

Moreover, it has a sticky sidebar with a menu and a newsletter subscription widget. Fantastic content distribution ensures that everyone surfing your website enjoys a pleasant experience. Start on the world wide web like a pro with Ionize and get your blogging project to new heights with the awe-inspiring Ionize. Take charge, download the tool and make a difference.




While Lifeleck is an ideal free blog theme for those of you who are looking to realize your lifestyle blogging dream, you can also go entirely against the grain. Meaning, Lifeleck works for other intentions, like fashion, food, personal, DIY, travel and many more in between. Not just that, whether you would like to go niche or generic, with Lifeleck you can do both without a sweat. The clean and tidy look of the tool has no trouble adjusting to different tastes out of the box. Still, you can also personalize Lifeleck and make it follow your style.

Some more specialties include sticky navigation, drop-down menu, social buttons, Instagram-ready feed, various inner page layouts, and Bootstrap Framework. Start with the right foot forward and employ the amazingness and heaps of features that Lifeleck brings to the table now.




If blogging and gaming are your specialties, make a website with Endgame. This free blog theme is all set and ready to help you shine online. The design is neat and dark-ish, so everyone will instantly immerse themselves in your content. Also, Endgame’s layout is fluid, so mobile and desktop users will enjoy it to the fullest.

There is a slider above the fold that helps welcome every visitor with style. You can even link the slider to any page or post that you want. Sticky sidebar, working contact form, Google Maps and a newsletter subscription-ready form are all part of the kit, too.




If you would like to mix your photography work with blogging, you better consider Sunzine. It is a free theme with a very premium-like feel to it. In other words, it comes with many great features that will easily set you apart from the competition. But you can also put in the next gear by performing customization tweaks and improvements.

Attention-grabbing filterable portfolio on the home page, drop-down menu, about page and a contact section all decorate Sunzine. Finally, this web design uses only the latest technologies, so you know your website’s performance will be high-class. Enjoy the power of the web with Sunzine.




The cleanness and minimalist approach to design will persuade everyone who stumbles across Meranda. It is a free blog theme of exceptional performance to ensure a top-notch user experience. But this caters to the both end-user and the webmaster, as you will comfortably employ all the perks of Meranda. The code is well-structured, so everyone takes it to their total advantage with ease.

What’s more? You can utilize Meranda for all sorts of blogging topics, like fashion, politics, business, health, sports, design, etc. In short, you can go either niche or general; Meranda is down for the business.


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