5 Best Membership WordPress Templates to Give You a Head Start

In times where you want to start a membership website, premium WordPress templates are a way to go. Built with care, they are always the best choice for building a website that is up to snuff. The list of the best membership WordPress templates below will help you keep things organized and even automated. Although there are a lot of beautiful readymade options, the WP templates below are our favorites. They are perfect fits for a membership website in various niches. The trick is yet, how to pick the right one? That’s not an easy feat. It depends.

The template you will choose for your membership site is pretty important. The thing is most all premium options include all possible features you might need to build a powerful website. Yet, sometimes you need only specific ones that will push your benefits upfront. That’s why it’s always smart to do some research. Make sure the option you pick is responsive, optimized for the latest SEO rules, and GDPR compliant. Also, pay attention to the page builder it includes. Security and updates are also worth checking. So, before you commit to a template, make sure it will benefit you. Otherwise, it won’t serve you and don’t put your business on the map.

Now, go ahead and pick up your favorite from the following membership WordPress templates below.

Alliance | Intranet & Extranet WordPress Template


To help you build a community-powered site, Alliance comes in handy. This premium WP template heads the list of the best membership WordPress templates for a good reason. With a whopping 2,4K of satisfied customers, you can’t go wrong with Alliance. Clean and powerful, it can take your project to the next level. It can work for a variety of web projects that want to improve communication inside their company. It comes bundled with the BP Better Messages plugin and WPML support.

Alliance is also a GDPR compliant solution. You can also create educational courses and test your employees. The BuddyDrive plugin will enhance the file storage. Thus, you can develop an identity for your intranet website while keeping it simple & clean. You can use the in-built graphics and layouts, or you can create a unique solution on your own. This is good news for new starters, especially.


Puzzles | WP Magazine / Review with Store WordPress Template


To help your community grow on your site, it’s smart to go for Puzzles. Without a doubt, Puzzles has a lot to offer. First, it’s a multipurpose WP template that can work for a variety of projects. Whether it’s a game, magazine, movie, or online store, the sky is the limit. It comes with 5 pre-designed homepage layouts right off the bat. So, you can get started quickly without calling in for pros. Aside from the WPML support, Puzzles has an RTL version available on its board.

To add, it’s compatible with the WooCommerce, bbPress, and BuddyPress plugins. The review and rating system would be also an advantage. Highly customizable and flexible, Puzzles is a great option to go for. With a wide range of attractive addons, your website can make a sound online.


Windsor | Apartment Complex / Single Property WordPress Template


Want to start a membership site? Great! Creating a membership site with Windsor is as simple as that. It’s one of the bestselling membership WordPress templates on the list today. And here is why. Windsor is built for real estate websites of all kinds. As such, you can put to use Windsor for a building & construction company, office center, or shop. You can also get access to the WPBakery page builder to customize layouts and pages as necessary.

So, if you’re in the market for updating your website, Windsor is the solution. There’s also the TemplateREX Addons support, pop-up menu, and side-scroller jam-packed. To help you create forums & discussions, Windsor comes with the bbPress and BuddyPress integration. That is your lucky ticket to beat the competition. Create community pages that provide insights into local traditions, celebrations, places of interest, or special events.


Cloe Brooks | Psychology, Counseling & Medical WordPress Template


You want your membership site to look professional, so Cloe Brooks is a way to go. It ranks high amongst membership WordPress templates built with WPBakery. Clean & stylish, Cloe Brooks will easily give you a beautiful result out of the box. To begin, it suits any corporate office website. Yet, you can use it for psychology, consultation, or medicine web projects.

To help you build your website with the best SEO tactics, Cloe Brooks to the rescue. Optimized for the best SEO rules, it will help attract more traffic to your website and generate more leads. Aside from a pack of pre-designed page layouts, there’s also the public healthcare homepage style added. To add more functionality to your site, Cloe Brooks comes bundled with a pack of premium plugins. As such, the Booked plugin lets you manage your booking on a go. Your skill gap won’t be a barrier.


Micro Office | Extranet & Intranet WordPress Template


Micro Office, one of the best membership WordPress templates could be an excellent choice for you. Built in line with the latest GDPR rules, Micro Office ensures your website is up to snuff. To help you improve communication inside the company, Micro Office offers a lot. Thus, it makes it easier to manage your intranet. The pack of premium plugins bundled in the template is huge. To make changes to your page layouts, take advantage of WPBakery page builder. There’s also the awesome Revolution Slider jam-packed in the template.

For extra impact, BuddyPress & Content Timeline functionality comes on board, too. Having an event calendar in plain view will sure support employee engagement. As a result, it will increase event participation rates. Keep your site homepage simple, minimalistic, and clean. Thus, it will be easier to promote your company’s mission and values.


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