5 Best Technology WooCommerce Templates

For everyone selling tech products and electronics, these best technology WooCommerce templates will help you create impactful eCommerce websites.

In the modern age, eCommerce is one of the priorities of any successful business. International shopping has become easier than it ever was before.

You will never know where your next customer could be coming from. WooCommerce for WordPress has combined together two powerful things: a content management platform, and an eCommerce platform for business owners. Which together makes for one of the most powerful shopping platform experiences on the web. And lastly, to stand out, you will need to find a WooCommerce template that can support the quest for greatness.

Today’s focus is on technology WooCommerce templates. These are the templates that have features and designs, qualities and customization options specifically built for technology stores, electronics and gadgets.

If you are selling smartphones, computers, electronic devices, gadgets, smart technology, and similar items — then these templates are a perfect match for your needs. Take a moment to understand your needs for a WooCommerce technology store.

Dive deep into our roundup of the best technology templates for WooCommerce.

Best Technology WooCommerce Templates



Jevelin is one of the most advanced and sophisticated tools for creating websites of all shapes and sizes, as well as all niches and industries. The template quickly adapts to your business and allows you to alter it to your brand to the very last detail. Of course, Jevelin can also be described as a technology WooCommerce template. It is compatible with the popular eCommerce plugin that makes creating online tech stores an easy task.

No questions asked, Jevelin is a customizable and extensible template with a broad assortment of features for your convenience. Speaking of which, there is really nothing that you need to do by yourself. Jevelin, after all, has everything at your disposal and ready to be put to use for a shiny webshop selling gadgets and electronics. If you need one item to answer all your design and WooCommerce questions, then Jevelin sure is the one.




Out of the box, Webify comes with a versatile eCommerce demo that you can quickly alter and fine-tune, making it perfect for selling technology products. No need to stick to default settings precisely. With Webify, you can effortlessly perform different customization tweaks and make the template follow your requirements to the very last detail. It is the drag and drop method that keeps you away from the tedious code, never needing to touch a single string of it, ever again.

It is more than evident that Webify follows all the latest trends and regulations, making sure your online store stays fresh for years to come. The performance of Webify is also on point, running at the speed of lightning all the time. There are also many different sample layouts, header and footer styles, tons of blocks and modules, you name it, Webify is here to stay.




Haxico by HasTech is a strong WP template for technology-oriented WooCommerce stores. It uses the latest version of Bootstrap as the back-end framework, and you will easily find the design of this template impressive and suitable for your store. Haxico puts a lot of emphasis on aligning products based on their categories.

Haxico has banner sliders that display featured products and trending products. Product categories feel smooth in the user experience. Plus, the search function is as extensive as you’d like for it to be, especially for an eCommerce store. Customers can define their search based on categories, availability, product conditions, brands, price ranges, sizes, colors, and various other custom specifications. In short, Haxico is the template for you!




Exzo from Jtemplates is rocking a super modern design with features that you might have never seen before. Your attention will be instantly captured by the clever use of different animation effects. Animation effect to browse products, but also to click on buttons and other actions similar to that. Extra attention and focus on each and every page to finalized them as proper. Also, a professional design that will suit small and big brands alike. That’s the feeling that you get from Exzo. Furthermore, it could work both ways; both individuals and established businesses alike will find common ground. A common ground to create their own eCommerce presence on the web.

For instilling trust in your customers, you can use a pre-built services page. A type to create a services page that talks about your expertise and how you can guarantee to satisfy your customers from day one. It also has a footer divided into 4 individual areas that you can insert crucial business and product information to. And last, there’s a convenient place for you to write about your eCommerce company news and announcements.




Denso is the new kid on the block, literally, so get this extraordinary template while it’s still piping hot, and while no one else is really taking advantage of a design as complex as this one. An all-in-one solution for electronics and technology websites. With marketplace businesses that wish to accept products from other brand sellers, what better way to establish a solid electronics website on the web? By getting the most famous brands in the industry to come and sell their products in your store. It is a win-win scenario.

Have you ever visited a website before, and just had that strong feeling that this website isn’t messing around? Well, Denso has a design very similar to that concept. With featured products arranged beautifully in custom banners and with the related products. With a template that highlights products to your customers. Whether it’s by category or a specific brand, a number of design resources put into the process of getting products in front of your visitors are immense, yet will guarantee some solid sales in the long run.

Visitors can browse product vendors by individual syntax, like ratings or reviews, or view them all at once. Likewise, there’s a lot of ways to display actual products, based on a range of specifications.


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