6 Best Free and Premium Moodle Bootstrap Themes of E-Learning Sites

Free Moodle Bootstrap Themes



Adaptable is one of the few free Moodle Bootstrap themes that give premium theme-like features. This is a one-page theme that showcases all the Moodle features on the homepage itself. The full-width design and the bluish-green color scheme of the theme make it look like a modern website theme. One unique feature of this theme is the flash notification bar like you see in the news website themes. Since this free theme is built purely on the Moodle platform, you will get all the default Moodle features with this theme.




Academi is a complete learning management website theme you get for free. Although the design looks a bit outdated, it has all the web elements placed properly in the right spot. Unlike some of the premium Moodle Bootstrap themes mentioned above, this free theme has all the features in perfect working conditions. In the header section, you have an image slider with text. The transition effects of the image slider are neat and simple. Other features you get with this Moodle theme are a calendar, accordion, user login, and registration page.




Eguru is a free simple and straightforward Moodle Bootstrap theme. With this theme, you can showcase your educational services and the courses you offer. This theme does not include any fancy elements or conversion-focused elements. In the header section, you have an image slider. The sidebar gives you the option to add more useful course links and calendars. The grid-style course arrangement helps you to display courses with cover images. The course navigation and other LMS features are similar to all the Moodle themes. This Moodle theme is responsive, cross-browser compatible, and also supports multiple languages.




Klass is almost similar to Eguru theme mentioned above. The instant difference you will spot as soon you see this theme is the lack of a sidebar. Klass theme uses a full-page design. With this layout, you get plenty of space to showcase your educational services and the courses. Adjustable floating grid boxes are used in this theme. So that you can display courses of any title length and images neatly on this theme with equal spacing. The theme uses HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Moodle framework. It is mobile responsive, speed optimized, and is also cross-browser compatible.




Snap is a premium feel interactive Moodle Bootstrap theme you get for free. With the full-width design and trendy colors, this theme manages to compete with modern-day websites. But still, due to the Moodle user interface restriction, the theme is not very attractive as you see in many modern HTML website themes. On the homepage, you have an image slider and featured courses sections to showcase your best-selling courses. Icons are used to explain the features and services of your e-learning courses. With this theme, you get all the pages you need to run an effective online course offering website.




As the name implies, this is a tiles-based moodle theme. When compared to the regular style, this theme looks a bit refreshing, but still, the user interface on this theme is not up to the mark. If you are looking for a website theme with the tiles interface, then you may find this theme interesting. As with most other themes, Squared also uses HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and the latest version of Moodle framework.


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