6 Free Hotel Website Themes To Attract Millennial Visitors


Montana Free Template

When scouring the web for a theme that fits hotels the best, Montana is the option that your need to take a peek at right now. I mean, seriously, head over to the live preview page and let it blow you away. It is bold, sophisticated, and creative; all that you want in a website packed into one tool. With Montana, you can expect a much swifter launch of a hotel page, as you do not need to start from square one. On top of that, the outcome will appear very professional and premium, even if it costs you nothing.

Above the fold, Montana comes with a full-screen slider that will trigger everyone’s curiosity. With enticing images and compelling texts, you will win over the majority of users. For those who need something more, well, Montana delivers something more. Enjoy using this striking tool that calls for a full-blown website for growing a hotel, resort, heck, even hostel to another degree.



Hiroto Free Template

Present your hotel on the world wide web in a tasteful way with Hiroto. Keep in mind, this free theme works for other accommodation businesses, too. Hiroto is versatile enough to fit many intentions without the need to change much. In fact, you will witness an exceptional result even by utilizing it exactly as it comes out of the box.

There are all the necessary sections to promote rooms, services and other specialties that only your hotel has to offer. There is even a customer review section, which will help raise your potential even higher.



Marian Free Template

Marian is another top-notch alternative for hotels and resorts. The layout is 100% mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible so everyone can book either on the go or from their desktop device. Even though it is a free HTML theme, Marian still comes with many beneficial amenities. If nothing else, you have the entire design ready to go, but there is a lot more to Marian.

Front and internal page layouts, back to top button, services section, rooms, CTA buttons and more, Marian treats you well. Introduce your branding directions and voila, you have a professional website available for your customers to enjoy.


Harbor Lights

Harborlights Free Template

Along with using 3rd-party platforms for promoting your hotel, do not forget to build a website, too. This makes you appear even more professional and trustworthy, which is essential for the success you would like to attain. With Harbor Lights, you can now make an online presence that will scream “book me!”

Harbor Lights takes things to the extremes with a nifty slider, on scroll content loading, rooms and restaurant sections, and the list goes on. For your information, you can also start a blog with tips to help your customers discover the local area much more efficiently.



sogo free template

For accommodation businesses, we bring an extensive collection of stupendous free hotel website themes. Each is unique, original and brings a lot of amazing features and other specialties to the table. Here is Sogo, a Bootstrap Framework website theme that gets things going on the web swiftly for you. With a design like this, you will have no trouble sparking interest in those that land on your page. Take them on a little adventure and they will already be booking a room for their next vacation.

Following are some of the features that you get with Sogo: parallax effect, sticky navigation, date pickers, excellent photo slider, and categorized food and drinks menu. One thing is for sure, Sogo does not disappoint with the level of expertness it delivers to all of its users.



theriver free template

Whether you run a boutique hotel or a motel, either way, you need to have a website going on. Sure, you can rely on 3rd-party platforms, but do yourself a favor and take things to a new degree with a dope page. TheRiver is the free hotel website theme that will instantly cater to your needs and regulations. If it does not follow your requirements out of the box entirely, you can always perform customization tweaks and make TheRiver match your branding.

Full-screen slider with advanced search function, transparent and sticky navigation, modern look and an assortment of other goodies are at your fingertips. Pick TheRiver as the way how you would like to appear online and start something big. The layout is also responsive and mobile-ready, making sure your website looks stunningly on all devices and web browsers.



suites free template

To be 100% frank with you, whichever theme you pick from this collection, it is a guarantee that the final product will be a superb one. If you decide to stick with Suites, you will undoubtedly appear as professional as possible on the world wide web. This free hotel website theme speaks sophisticated from the very top to the very bottom of the design. It kicks things off with a full-screen slideshow with a parallax effect. Create a strong first impression and have them hooked on your incredible imagery.

Moreover, push all types of rooms you offer and let them know how much they cost per night. If you have a presentational video, you can use it as well since Suites fully supports any type of media. Another cool feature of Suites is the countdown timer, which you can employ for special promos that you plan to run.



deluxe free template

Hotels and resorts, Deluxe is the free website theme that will sort you out with a neat and elegant website. With a cutting-edge online presence, you can positively impact all your guests and potential visitors. Besides, make sure they start their trip before they even book a room. By realizing a spectacular page, you can do a whole lot for your business and truly take it to a whole new degree.

Deluxe practices all the latest web trends, like mobile readiness, search engine optimization, cross-browser compatibility, and a marvelous slider. Along with the index page, Deluxe also contains rooms, restaurants, About, blog and contact sections to make your lives a whole lot simpler. What’s more? The Contact page already has a working contact form and Google Maps. No time to waste, Deluxe is here to please your needs.



Offer everyone who visits your website to experience your hotel by checking out different imagery of your location, your rooms and other offerings. Casahotel is the free hotel website theme with a touch of elegance and opulence. It features a full-screen banner with a parallax effect that will encourage everyone to start scrolling and investigating your hotel, resort or other vacation retreats further. They will have a blast that is for sure.

casahotel free template

Some of the features of Casahotel are menu overlay, room availability function with date pickers, on scroll content load, and a fabulous gallery. Casahotel also includes a fully functional reservation form that is an absolute must of every modern hotel website. Include a testimonial slider and build trust in all your soon-to-be guests. Take the right approach to web design with Casahotel.


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