6 Job Board WordPress Templates and Plugins To Create Awesome Job Sites



JobsDirectory is a beautiful WordPress template for employment agency and job recruitment websites. You can receive fees for every post and submission, given that JobsDirectory has implemented several options for monetization. The website homepage can feature a fully-functioning map, a CityWise Banner, or a Slider. A color customizer is available, allowing users to create a page that matches their vision. When hosting your own job recruitment platform, you cannot afford to alienate mobile users. Thankfully, JobsDirectory is entirely responsive, capable of displaying every page section on tablets, desktop PCs, smartphones and laptops.

Given that this template is optimized for search engines, your posts and jobs will not be overlooked by Google. In addition, some free SEO plugins were incorporated: All in One SEO, WordPress SEO by Yoast, and Google XML Sitemaps. Meanwhile, WPML support allows the customer’s brand to reach an international audience. It is possible to establish websites in a variety of languages, catering to people from across the world. In terms of monetization, you are able to create superb online stores via the popular WooCommerce plugin. JobsDirectory also has a job submission form that supports personalized fields. This assures that each employer can include his/her own criteria.




With JobMonster, site administrators can first review every single job that is intended for publishing. Every website must display relevant information while managing to avoid page clutter and bad design choices. Thankfully, this template has a beautiful design and is able to combine practicality and aesthetic appeal. It connects employers with potential employees and facilitates their interactions.

For those who wish to learn everything about its features, an informative and comprehensive documentation source is offered. Customers can also benefit from regular updates via email or Facebook notifications. Should you encounter any issue, do not hesitate to contact the excellent support team. This job template is hard-coded, requiring no extra plugin costs or WP Job Manager input in order to function. Customers can expect no less than full accessibility, with no programming knowledge or third-party support required. Both the candidate and the employer can administrate everything in the front-end, via the versatile dashboard.

JobMonster is very easy to install and manage, making it the ideal choice for those who are not very tech-savvy. Both experts and newbies can enjoy this wonderful WordPress job board template. Accessibility is crucial for any website that aims to thrive in the business world. This template allows users to access your posts instantly, regardless of their whereabouts. Indeed, your website will be fully responsive, capable of working on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. JobMonster has 9 homepage variations, while the other offers a job search feature. As a customer, you can determine the number of potential job posting plans. Meanwhile, the WooCommerce plugin facilitates payment and other transactions!




JobEngine combines powerful tools with simple user experience. This template packs simple job management tools that allow you to sort listings based on location, job type, category, and other parameters. JobEngine is optimized for dozens of payment options and currencies to bring your listing website globally. This template also has plenty of other cool features that I haven’t seen on other templates, and it is worth to see their demo to understand how well-crafted it is!




Nokri is one of the best WordPress job board templates you can currently get your hands on. It is responsive, flexible, extendable, easy to use and practices all the latest trends and regulations. Nokri makes sure all your users experience skimming your website and finding the ideal employments hassle-free. Start building your cracking job board website with any of Nokri’s pre-designed demos and take to your advantage all the benefits it has in store for you.

Fantastic job filters feature, sell different types of job packages, individual dashboards for both individuals and companies and oh so many other assets make Nokri one of the top in its category. Some of the additional goodies of Nokri are account verification, invoice generation, notifications and job bookmarks. Make things your way with Nokri.




To connect employers with employees and freelancers the professional way, create a job board with Kormosala. You can start your fresh project with any of the three homepage designs that will get you rocking the online space right away. Whether you are in the process of establishing a niche or a general job board web platform, with Kormosala, you can make it happen comfortably. The features and functions of this tool go through the roof, making sure everyone gets the most out of it.

The list of features is endless.

From jobs with maps, application deadline and tracking to front-end submissions, profile and resume builder, functional search and paid and free listings, Kormosala takes care of it all and plenty more. For your information, you can expect even more goodies to drop with upcoming template updates.




Fitsica is a relatively niche WordPress job board template for finding yoga, fitness and gym jobs. With the five available homepages and multiple more inner layouts, Fitsica ensures an instant start of something new. The quickest way to building a page would be to just mix and match the available and call it a day. Even if you stick to the default look, the outcome will be jaw-dropping. Yes, Fitsica is that amazing.

Moreover, Fitsica includes Elementor editor, offering you to edit and customize it, so it matches your style precisely. Advanced search, resume manager, Bing and Google Maps, company feed, email alerts, email verification, you name it, Fitsica comes with loads of unique features for you to take to your total advantage.


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