9 Best Free Education Website Themes



Studylab is a free education website theme with heaps of great features and functions. If online courses are what you would like to specialize in, create an online hub with Studylab. Even though it is a free solution, Studylab is still full of great amenities for you to put into play.

Moreover, it is an HTML theme with a well-organized code, so using Studylab will be comfortable. This applies both to beginners and pros. Some other specialties are floating navigation, registration form, animated stats, on scroll content loading and testimonials. Share knowledge with the world professionally with Studylab.




As the name suggests, Courses is an ideal solution if you are building an eLearning website. With this modern and eye-pleasing web design, you can push any type of course. You can go niche but you can also create a general online learning platform. The choice is yours, it just shows that Courses is very versatile and extensive.

This free tool comes with all sorts of specialties that create a powerful website. It is all in the kit, from carousels and back to top button to drop-down menu, Google Maps, and a working contact form. Avoid the method of building a website from scratch with Courses now.




When searching for the ideal free education website theme, you are definitely looking for sophistication and ease of use. Fox has the best of both worlds and then some. It is an extraordinary solution that gives you all the necessary for a quick start on your website. You can employ Fox for all sorts of intentions, like school, college university, heck even online learning platforms. The options are many, making sure Fox caters to your needs effortlessly.

Above the fold, Fox sports a slider and call-to-actions, helping you encourage them to take action right away. Other treats of this tool are animated statistics, parallax effect, on scroll content loading, request a quote form, functional contact form, and Google Maps. Get your educational project on your feet with Fox now and set yourself apart from the competition.




For websites that offer online courses and other learning services, Eclipse is the free education website theme that does the trick. With contemporary and creative web design, Eclipse captures everyone’s attention right off the bat. There is no need to but you can also modify Eclipse’s layout and introduce your signature style to it. Of course, the out-of-the-box version is already nifty, you will want to stick to it and not bother modifying it much. Still, do customize it at free will and express yourself uniquely. The options are there.

Present all your courses like a champ and let everyone familiar with your knowledge base and expertness. These are also different sliders, full video support, testimonials, hover animations, and multiple internal pages and web components. Make your website the fun and simple way and grow your online project.




Schools, universities, colleges, and other educational institutions should not miss the power of the online world. If they lack a solid web presence, they might be losing a ton of opportunities. One of them is reaching more students, willing to get on board. On top of that, with a website, you can go into serious details, presenting your services and other offerings. Do things the right way with Edusmart, a free education website theme.

You can now easily be ahead of the competition and do it your way. Knowing that Edusmart is flexible and extendable, you can modify the default web design and enrich it with your creativity and originality. Edusmart has all the necessary to establish your website and get things rolling. It even comes with a blog and a contact page with both Google Maps and form. Now you know what to do next.




If you would like to make the experience fun and entertaining, you better take a peek at Educature’s live preview page. The design is contemporary, stylish and spiced up with cool animations. For instance, an adorable rocket launches straight out of your screen as soon as you start scrolling. You will soon know what I am talking about. Not only that, but this same rocket takes you back to the top when down at the bottom or somewhere in the middle of the site. Sometimes, these small details make or break the experience. This time, you will find it very rewarding.

Present online courses in different niches, share what students will gain from them after enrolling and build trust with testimonials. The options are many when you gain access to Educature, so use it to its full potential and shine online.




For the most part, all our free education website themes come versatile enough for you to use them with different projects. Webuni is no different. It is a tool for online courses, but you can also employ them for crafting a neat web presence for schools and universities. Whatever the case, the final product will rock the online world with cleanness, professionalism and sophistication.

Webuni keeps the web design relatively simple and modern, making sure it suits different users. Bear in mind, while you can use it as is, you can also perform adjustments and tweak it to your needs. Webuni has an option to search courses by different categories and even a function to upload your own courses. Avoid brainstorming web design from scratch and inspire your creative thinking with Webuni.




We continue our outstanding collection of the best free education website themes with LearnIT. It is yet another superb, mobile-ready, retina-friendly, and web browser compatible theme for your educational projects and businesses. You can use it for schools and you can use it for online courses. Of course, you can employ LearnIT for both, too. As far as the design goes, LearnIT knows what it means to guarantee a fantastic experience whether browsing it on a mobile or a desktop device. It perfectly and instantly adjusts to all gadgets and appears beautifully on retina screens as well.

Parallax effect, sticky navigation, call-to-action buttons, extra web elements, pricing plans, and blog are just some of the features you get with LearnIT. Even as a faculty, LearnIT is an impressive solution for your online presence.


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