9 Tools & Apps to Help You Quickly Identify styles

We all know that a  style choice can make or break your final design. What’s more, there are plenty of designs online that rely on styles as the central part of the design. And with so many different  styles out there, it can be hard to identify which style is used in a particular design.

Luckily, there are several tools that can help you identify styles and in this article, we’ve rounded up the best of them. Some are browser extensions and some are web apps. Scroll through the list below and be sure to bookmark them so you never have to wonder what style is used in a design or in a site.


The WhatFontIs tool is an online tool that lets you identify styles either by uploading an image or entering a URL where the style is located. The tool has an extensive catalogue of 550000+ commercial and free styles and uses style finder AI to identify styles.


WhatFont Tool  

The WhatFont Tool comes as a browser extension available for Chrome and Safari and as a bookmarklet. All you have to do is click it and then hover over the text on the webpage and the extension will show you the style’s name.



MyFonts has a neat tool, WhatTheFont, that allows you to identify style from an image. It supports both PNG and JPG and uses their collection of over 133,000 font styles to find the best match for the style in your image.


Fontface Ninja  

Fontface Ninja is another browser extension for identifying styles. What sets this one apart is the ability to try the styles with your own text and the ability to immediately purchase the style by clicking on the pricing or download link. It works with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


FontSpring Matcherator  

FontSpring Matcherator lets you upload an image or share the link to the image URL to identify styles that were used. The tool supports OpenType features and it even comes with a tag refinement feature so you can narrow down the results.



Identifont works a little differently than the other tools on this list. It helps you identify style by asking you a series of questions about the style. It then gives you top three matches and a list of similar styles.


Serif Font Identification Guide  

If you know that the style you’re trying to identify belongs to the Serif family, this tool will come in handy. It’s focused solely on serif styles and guides you through several questions that will help you find out what serif style is used.



Tiff markets itself as a style differentiator tool which lets you narrow down your style choices. Use the tool to visually highlight the differences between two styles so you can choose the best style for your project.



Quora’s Typeface Identification  

If you need an answer, all you have to do is ask. What better place to ask a question than Quora? Luckily, they have a category dedicated to typeface identification so be sure to check it out and get answers from other style lovers all over the world.


Identifying the styles you see online is no longer mission impossible. Thanks to tools mentioned in this roundup, you can easily find out which style is used on any site as well as styles used on image overlays or other graphic designs. Be sure to add these tools to your design toolbox and have fun identifying fonts!

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